About This Clinic

The Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic is a specialty clinic within UT Health Austin Pediatric Neurosciences at Dell Children’s, a clinical partnership between Dell Children’s Medical Center and UT Health Austin.

The Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic diagnoses, treats, and manages care of children and adolescents with visual problems related to the nervous system, including loss of sight from injuries to the brain or optic nerves, which transmit visual signals from the eyes to the brain. We offer expertise in all areas of neuro-ophthalmology, including optic disc edema, intracranial hypertension, nystagmus, and injury caused by trauma, stroke, tumors, or epilepsy.

The Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic care team is comprised of nationally recognized and highly specialized physicians and technologists who provide world-class care for pediatric neuro-ophthalmic conditions. Our neuro-ophthalmologists also participate in many of our multidisciplinary specialty centers that focus on specific complex populations. If your child has a condition that aligns with one of our specialty centers, we will coordinate care for your child with a specialist in that area. We can also facilitate appointments with any other neuroscience specialty clinic, such as the Pediatric Neurology Clinic, Pediatric Neuropsychology Clinic, Pediatric Neurosurgery Clinic, and Pediatric Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic. With access to expert staff and advanced technology for treating both acute and chronic neuro-ophthalmic conditions, we provide a wide range of services from evaluation, testing, and diagnosis to surgical treatment, disease management, rehabilitation, and more, to give patients and their families the best quality of life.

Treatment Approach

The Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic care team works with you to understand your child’s history and current concerns to ensure a collaborative diagnostic and treatment plan is developed to meet their unique needs. Our diagnostic and treatment capabilities within the Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic are aligned with state-of-the-art neuro-ophthalmic care and include optical tomography (OCT) and eye ultrasound. Our seamless affiliation with Dell Children’s Medical Center also allows us to offer the highest level of expertise across both inpatient and outpatient settings to enhance treatment precision and improve our understanding of your child’s concern.

Patients are cared for by a multidisciplinary team, meaning your child will benefit from the expertise of multiple specialists across a variety of disciplines. Our board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatric neuro-ophthalmologists have extensive experience treating ophthalmological conditions related to the central nervous system in children and adolescents of all ages, from birth through young adulthood, and work alongside a team of pediatric experts, including neurologists, neuropsychologists, neurosurgeons, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, nurses, advanced practice providers, social workers, child life specialists, dietitians, and more, providing unparalleled care for patients every step of the way.

We also collaborate closely with referring physicians, pediatricians, and other partners in the community to schedule and coordinate any additional care services your child may need. Our specialists can provide input and guidance for areas of your child’s life that are affected by their neuro-ophthalmic condition by assisting with school services, school re-entry, socialization, and engagement in physical activities. All of these areas impact your child’s quality of life and are an integral part of our mission at the Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic. As your child transitions into adulthood, we will help coordinate their care so they can continue to thrive.

Appointment Information

For more information about the Pediatric Neuro-Ophthalmology Clinic, please call 1-512-628-1855. You can also fax referrals to 1-512-380-7544.